NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is launching this weekend on Aug. 11. Its location: the solar.

In simple fact, NASA said its purpose with the Parker Photo voltaic Probe is to ‘touch‘ the solar. It is sending a spacecraft ‘the size of a small car‘ straight into the sun’s environment.

And in planning for that start NASA has launched a movie titled ‘It’s Astonishingly Difficult to Go to the Sun’.


I have some problems: Very first, you will find nothing at all astonishing about it. Next, the solution is fairly self-explanatory. The solar is extremely scorching, individuals! This is not rocket science.



The movie naturally goes into a lot more element than that. Exceptionally it normally takes 55 occasions the quantity of vitality as it would just take to go to Mars. Largely simply because Earth moves extremely quick — 67,000 miles for every hour — and is often sideways relative to the solar. Any item travelling to the solar has to terminate that movement.

But NASA is likely forward with the undertaking no matter. In its ultimate orbits NASA estimates the Parker Photo voltaic Probe will strike speeds of 430,000 miles for every hour, which is the quickest any gentleman-created item will have at any time travelled to that position. Unreal.

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